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Dec,08,2010 Wed

Congratulation, ur cms looks very promised! :)

SweetRice Reply[Dec,09,2010 Thu]:


Thank you for your comment,SweetRice 0.7.1 release today.


Aug,30,2010 Mon

I also have a problem with the plugin.
In Internet Explorer 7 the plugin runs without timedelay and stops at the last picture.
In the very very old Explorer 5 (for code optimizing), it crashes IE5 totally!
Maybe the above could be some help to solve this (i suppose) scriptbug in the plugin.
I really love sweetrice and some of my friends have it on their sites and they also are very pleased with its simplicity.
Regards: Peter Larsson
SweetRice Reply[Aug,31,2010 Tue]:
Dear Peter,
Thank you for your comment!
The latest version of PowerImage can runs in Internet Explorer 7,but sorry for IE5,because this version of Internet Explorer is very old,we can not provide support for it.

If you have any further question,please must let us know.
Best regards!


Jul,26,2010 Mon

Can not include
<?php include('_plugin/PowerImage/slideshow/Gallery.php');?>
with tinyMce in created post. Can yoy explain and set up a demo?
SweetRice Reply[Jul,26,2010 Mon]:
Yes,can not direct insert php code to tinymce,because it is just a html editor,but we can create new entry template or edit the current entry template,this solution is very easy.

Example [edit entry template]:

Insert this code to entry template

<!--Position begin-->
<!--Position end-->
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