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Filip Singstedt

Apr,18,2011 Mon

Hello Hiler!

I want to help you develop and support your SweetRice.

I have done some themes and plugins to the current 0.7.1 release.

However, when i update files from sweetrice.googlecode.com archive
some of my plugins must be recoded to suite your latest revisions.

Is there any way to download latest updates i one complete zipfile
from sweetrice.googlecode.com site instead of one file at the time?

Regards: Filip Singstedt

SweetRice Reply[Apr,19,2011 Tue]:


Hi Filip,


Thanks for you support SweetRice,you can get latest update use svn : svn checkout http://sweetrice.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/? anytime,this is realtime source code,so maybe some bug exist.


and SweetRice 1.0.0 zipfile has been added to http://code.google.com/p/sweetrice/downloads/list? .

since 1.0.0 SweetRice can update itself through? menu "Update",so you can quickly update the latest files.


The zipfile at sweetrice.googlecode.com? must be add manually,some times maybe i forgot it,sorry for your waiting.:)


If you have any idea or question,let me know.


Thank you.


Best Regards.

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