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Jun,24,2014 Tue


I'm observing a strange behaviour with user's comments in posts. If data cache is disabled in administrator, new comments never show up until the page is manually reloaded in the navigator, although it seems that an automatic refresh should happen, since I see how a loading gif appears and disappears.

However, should cache be enabled, new comments never refresh at all, even through a manual reload of the page in the navigator. Not even comments/responses modified by hand in the administrator. The same effect of a loading gif showing and hiding happens now, but no changes are shown until you manually delete the cache in the administrator and then reloads the page in the navigator.

I don't know if this is a configuration issue, a bug, or an expected (though odd and annoying) behaviour. I've tested some values in Setting - General Setting - Web Setting for the fields Cache, Cache Expired, Comments in comment page, Comments in Pins mode but none seems to work properly. By the way, what's "pin mode" (sorry for asking)?

I've got the same problem in FF, Chrome and Explorer.

Don't know what to do, please help.

Another issue, though pretty easy to solve, is that by default it shows an "http://" in the user's website field for the comments form. If the user doesn't type anything in that field, it is inserted as is in the database, and in the comments page the name of the user is wrongly linked to "http://". You can check this effect even in your own site. Possible solutions are to check this value when the form is submitted so nothing is inserted in database or check it in the comments page so no link is written.

Congrats for a great program.

SweetRice Reply[Dec,19,2015 Sat]:

Hi see https://github.com/sweetrice/SweetRice/commit/2975f6d2587bdd0f03322457f6f33aad9a591daf


Jan,25,2010 Mon, URL rewrite bug, double slash:

SweetRice Reply[Jan,27,2010 Wed]:
Thanks for your report.
For fix this bug,you may need upgrade SweetRice to current version:,
Download link:http://www.basic-cms.org/download.html



Nov,27,2009 Fri

sweetrice Reply[11/29/2009]:

Thanks for your report.
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