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SweetRice Dialog example

Tags: SweetRice Dialog

SweetRice 1.4.0 what's new

Tags: SweetRice 1.4.0 upgrade

SweetRice 1.3.4 released

Tags: SweetRice

SweetRice 1.3.3

Tags: SweetRice 1.3.3 released

Some things for upgrade SweetRice to 1.1.0

Tags: SweetRice 1.1.0 upgrade

how to make a new page in sweetrice

Tags: new page

5 things need to be done when SweetRice installed.


SweetRice upgrade feature

Tags: automatically manually update upgrade

Security setting for Nginx

Tags: SweetRice Nginx Security

SweetRice is a PostgreSQL CMS

Tags: SweetRoce.PHP PostgreSQL Mysql

SweetRice SVN on Google Code

Tags: SweetRice SVN

SweetRice V0.6.4 release - support TinyMCE

Tags: SweetRice V0.6.4 release TinyMCE

SweetRice Cache Technology

Tags: SweetRice Cache sql cache database cache php cache

SweetRice upgrade to 0.6.1

Tags: SweetRice upgrade 0.6.1 database optimizer

Converter database from Mysql to PostgreSql

Tags: Mysql Postgresql converter

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